We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing.”
Billy Graham.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why most CSP’s OSS are so complex? Put simply, they are almost all hoarders.

They collect services, device types, management systems, data, interfaces, etc. But how often do they ever discard one? Even when their house is full of stuff, they just build a shed in the backyard (ie they archive their data in cheaper storage).

If they could only implement a one-in-one-out (O-I-O-O) policy, their B/OSS might be a bit easier to manage. It might curtail the products department if you ask them to offload one of their existing products before creating a new one. Or if you’re storing records from when Elvis was just starting out. No, not those records.

This O-I-O-O policy is just a little idealistic because it could hold innovative solutions back but it would make CSPs think more about mandated simplification as a common goal across all business units and all aspects of operations.

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