I was wrong. Forget about investing in your OSS UI

I must’ve written dozens of posts about us needing to collectively invest a lot more effort into UI / UX. I’ve written quite a few over the last few months especially. This one in particular springs to mind.

As an industry, we typically don’t do user experience journeys (UX) or user interfaces (UI) very well at all yet. I know thousands of OSS experts, but only 2 who specialise in UI / UX! That ratio is far too small….

… but then something dawned on me when writing the Autonomous Networking post earlier this week – All effort invested into UI (and most effort on UX) is pointless if we succeed in building autonomous networks. You get the implication don’t you? Truly autonomous networks are machine-driven, so you don’t need users, UI or UX.

Oh, I should make one last point though. If you don’t expect to get all of your network operations activities to midday on the Autonomous Networks Clock, within the next couple of years, then you probably should still invest in your UI / UX!!

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