Korea Telcom selects Ericsson

KT speeds up mobile content using Ericsson technology

KT, South Korea’s leading telecoms provider, has entered into an agreement with Ericsson to launch a mobile content acceleration service in its live LTE network. This will be the world’s first commercial deployment of its kind, and it builds on technology provided by Ericsson.

KT completed a technical feasibility study in January this year after testing and verifying the performance and interoperability of Ericsson’s solution in a live network. This was followed by a commercial feasibility study in the third quarter, and the positive results led to KT’s decision to launch a commercial service by Q1, 2014.

The trial results showed that using MCA reduces web page download time by more than 50 percent, dramatically improving the user experience. This is achieved by guaranteeing traffic transmission quality of certain categories of data, such as premium content and application traffic in the radio access area. The idea is to avoid the effects of radio congestion. The prioritization mechanism can be likened to having large vehicles running on a bus-only lane during periods of heavy traffic, while ordinary cars run on other lanes at slower speeds.

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