Logic vs Action

Logic will not change an emotion, but action will.”
Zig Ziglar.

So many OSS projects get bogged down in logic, discussions, technical pontification, etc.

But in my experience, a month of discourse can be replaced by a week of doing, especially when the customer is using COTS (ie commercially available off the shelf solutions). Or in the case of one project that I worked on, 18+ months of discourse and approvals was delivered in less than two weeks of doing.

Rapid prototyping forces the delivery team to crash through all the real barriers rather than what-if scenarios dreamed up in the logic stage of a project. Sure, a high-level design needs to be done but in most cases it shouldn’t take months to complete and approve. A rapid prototype breaks down the what-if questions and forces the team to work with a smaller sub-set of actual issues, not to mention identifying real issues that nobody envisaged in the logic stage.

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