Mediacom extends with CSG

Mediacom Communications Extends Contract with CSG.

CSG International announced that MediacomCommunications Corporation, the nation’s eighth largest cable television company, has renewed its strategic partnership with CSG to support the delivery of service differentiation and innovation to Mediacom’s 1.3 million customers.

CSG and Mediacom enjoy a relationship that spans more than 15 years. Under the terms of the multiyear contract extension, Mediacom will broaden the end-to-end customer care and billing solutions provided by CSG to expand beyond voice, video, and data into home automation and other lines of business that provide new revenue channels and build long-term customer relationships.

CSG will provide new offerings such as the award-winning CSG Customer Communication Center (CCC) and CSG Financial Forecaster. The implementation of CCC will improve the Mediacom customer experience by providing compelling, real-time interactions that include the ability to access preference and service information from multiple systems. It will also deliver cohesive and consistent communications based on defined parameters and events across all customer touch points, including social channels. CSG Financial Forecaster will deliver a flexible, automated schedule of financial reports designed to improve Mediacom’s ability to report, analyze, monitor, and act on financial performance more efficiently.

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