NEC, NetCracker and Cricket Collaborate on SDN

NEC, NetCracker and Cricket Communications to Collaborate in Customized Trial of SDN and Network Virtualization

NEC Corporation and NetCracker Technology announced an agreement with Cricket Communications, a pioneer of prepaid wireless services, to trial network virtualization based on SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) technologies.

Cricket, NetCracker and NEC will collaborate in the trial to virtualize the Evolved Packet Core network. Network virtualization, with SDN and NFV technologies that combine the IP edge components of networks into one single virtual infrastructure, could be a key element of Cricket’s network strategy. This collaboration will demonstrate that virtual network functions are portable between different hardware platforms.

Cricket will test and evaluate a single pointed infrastructure model to manage all the aspects of a virtualized network. It will enable Cricket to determine how this strategy can further develop its smart seamless network capabilities.

By enabling advanced network automation, rapid delivery of network services and easy application of policies across the network, SDN plays an important role to seamlessly interconnect all the virtual network functions.

The trial will also validate a range of benefits virtualization will bring – from minimizing the dependence on hardware, to flexible and dynamic network management that is simple, flexible and enables accelerated service deployment and time to market – while enhancing the customer’s connectivity experience.

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