NetworkMining announces product release

NetworkMining announces the latest version of its network assurance application.

NetworkMining, an independent supplier of IP & optical network mediation software, announced the latest version of its network assurance application. This application introduced two new features: shared risk groups (“SRG”) and support of multi-NMS operations.

NetworkMining’s network assurance software is based on its network mediation software that federates network resource data from multiple master data sources e.g. network management systems (“NMS”). Those data sources indirectly define the scope of risks that a pro-active network assurance assessment will take into account. Two fiber optic cables running on the opposite sides of an underground tunnel might e.g. be considered as sharing same risk but this information could be missing in the master data. Moreover risk assessment is a complex matter and often requires a case by case appraisal. For NetworkMining’s network assurance software to deal with such situation, a SRG feature has been introduced. This feature allows users to allocate individual resources to the same SRG. The latter is taken account by the network assurance application.

A typical service provider operates IP & optical networks from different vendors. Each vendor domain is managed by a separate system. Some vendor domains might even be split over several management domains. This creates a challenge for network assurance as a failure in each management domain potentially is correlated with failures in the other domains. NetworkMining’s network assurance software has released a new feature that allows for multi-domain impact simulation and enables service provider to work through NMS boundaries. This feature supports the most common types of inter-domain connections. It provides end-to-end impact simulation a multi-vendor, multi-domain network while maintaining the data integrity of each management domain.

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