Nobody will pay you to solve your problems

Nobody will ever pay you to solve your problems… but they’ll line up
if you can solve theirs
Ramit Sethi

OSS were originally designed to coordinate and streamline network management processes for CSPs. OSS helped CSPs solve operational problems. They still do.

Keeping Ramit Sethi’s quote in mind, if we have a customer that needs help processing vast numbers of service orders and we provide them with a service order management tool then we’ve solved our problem (providing a solution for a customer) as well as theirs right?? Well, maybe… but maybe not.

Let’s say you are able to process orders, but the operators are only able to process two orders per day using the tool, then you haven’t solved their problem. What if the operators aren’t using the tool efficiently and only need further training to significantly speed up their processing time? What if the end-to-end process is highly inefficient and could be streamlined to produce better output? What if there are steps in the processing chain that are causing major delays and could potentially be circumvented or removed completely? What if the field workforce can’t implement the orders due to confusing, misleading or incomplete information being passed to them? etc

The difference between just providing a product and having the vendor and customer collaborate continually to better solve the problem is the difference between solving your problems versus solving theirs!

That’s the reason I wrote the Customer Experience series recently. Hopefully they prompted you to work back from your customers’s problems to try to find a better solution rather than just more of the same.

BTW. Links to the Customer Experience series can be found here:

  1. Product Evaluation
  2. Contract Negotiations
  3. Implementations
  4. Operational Handover
  5. Customer’s Customer Experiences

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