Redknee Signs $6M deal in APAC

Redknee Signs $6 Million Dollar Order in APAC for Innovative Energy Retail Solution.

Redknee Solutions Inc. announced that a leading national corporation and service provider in Asia Pacific has signed a deal for $6 million dollars with Redknee to support its growth in the energy retail sector. This is a significant deal that will equip the service provider with Redknee’s Connected Suite to monetize its energy retail business and other digital services to consumers and business customers.

Powered by Redknee Unified, the Redknee Connected Suite provides customer care, real-time analytics, billing and real-time rating for various smart services. Service providers are enabled to deliver bundled offers and promotions across various industry verticals, including utilities, smart homes and transportation, and also provide partner billing and settlement to manage the complex Internet of things (IoT) partner ecosystem.

The Redknee Connected Suite will rate and bill data from smart meters and Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) in real-time. Using the Connected Suite the service provider will be able to notify customers about their energy consumption by providing real-time insights on electricity usage and billing data. The service provider will have the ability to actively influence demand and response for electricity by providing instant benefits such as flash coupons or points that customers can spend in its partner stores and institutions. Customers can access their consumption data and benefits via a dedicated smartphone app and web self-care portal. Analytics will support the service provider to make informed decisions and quickly respond to increased demand for energy. A key component of the Connect Suite is the real-time campaign manager, which combined with results from analytics enable service providers to launch innovative marketing campaigns faster to the market.

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