Nokia launches AVA

Nokia AVA, the new cloud-based cognitive platform for service delivery to operators.

Nokia has created a new way to develop and deliver expert services to operators seeking near-perfect network performance and availability, improved operational efficiency and thus a superior customer experience. Nokia AVA is a cloud-based platform that combines big data storage, intelligent analytics and extreme automation, allowing operators to move away from traditional reactive network operations to a cognitive approach that predicts faults and solves them rapidly. This will prepare operator networks for the future demands of the programmable world.

As well as delivering today’s expert services, AVA will facilitate a more efficient and faster delivery of Nokia services across the entire network lifecycle. This means Care services, Network implementation , Network Planning and Optimization and Managed Services are supported, with more to come as Nokia continues to move towards cloud-based delivery of services, artificial intelligence and contextualized delivery. AVA ensures low latency, high throughput and extreme resilience of the network. These elements will be key to support operators explore new business areas in the connected world. The first services have already been delivered over the platform
Igor Leprince, EVP of Global Services at Nokia, said the Ava platform will revolutionise delivery of the company’s services. “It uses machine learning and predictive analytics to automatically provide intelligent services over the cloud to help operators boost the performance of networks and increase availability to unprecedented levels.”

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Such capabilities are “vital for operators wanting to meet the ever-rising needs of subscribers, win new IoT [Internet of Things] business and be ready for 5G,” Leprince added.

AVA is not restricted solely to Nokia equipment. The vendor explained the cloud platform uses common KPIs that allow it to work on a range of multi-vendor equipment. The platform features a centralised big data collection and storage processing layer using sensors in the network and OSS, and cuts the time taken to deliver new services — or shut down old services — from a matter of weeks to hours.

The vendor said the platform can also reduce inter-system handovers by 20 per cent and boost data throughput by 37 per cent. The time taken to identify the root causes of anomalies can be accelerated by up to 93 per cent, Nokia added

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