Ontology’s Search, not Integrate approach

We looked at the areas of technical and commercial risk within data access projects, and created a combination of product features and commercial policies that, as far as is possible, mitigate this risk.”
Ontology website.

Ontology's Five Principles

The diagram link above shows the five principles put forward by an organisation named Ontology. It just so happens that it aligns with concepts I’ve discussed in earlier posts, such as the “no more data synch” entry.

I believe that the approach they outline on the Ontology link above certainly has merits, particularly as data sets get larger as well as integrations and data integrity becoming more difficult to manage. It’s well worth a read.

Please note that I have never had any contact with Ontology, nor involvement or experience with them, so I can’t vouch for their products or services in any way. A friend and colleague simply passed on their URL [thanks Evan!], having read some of my earlier postings and thought other readers might benefit from the Ontology insights too.

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