OSS and Network of the Future architectures workshop in Melbourne this week

OSS and Network of the Future architectures workshop in Melbourne this week.

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TM Forum’s description of the event is as follows:
As part of the TM Forum Open Digital Architecture program, we are starting work on a standardized definition of Operational Domain Managers (ODM) capabilities. Telstra will be hosting an open TM Forum Local workshop on ODM to garner more industry feedback and we are looking for your participation.

This is the chance for you to provide input into the OSS and Networks of the Future architectures. While the workshop will introduce the ODA and ODM concepts, we are looking for feedback on your product plans supporting these type of architectures, understanding where we align, and what is missing. Small groups of participants will work on answering these type of questions :

Develop definition of NaaS services and the required Northbound API (i.e. towards IT and/or partner(s) that an ODM should support – from minimum viable set towards complete list
Service catalogue: service specification, service lifecycle management from design time to run-time – minimum requirements
Service assurance: Handling of closed-loop support within one domain vs composite domain or across another CSP Service instance: How is service-resource mapping & Service impact assessment handled?
Service Fulfillment: How can we track “Activation Error handling” within an atomic domain vs a composite domain? etc

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