OSS broadens its net – part 2

Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”
George R.R. Martin.

In yesterday’s blog entry, non-traditional industries were discussed as potential users of OSS technologies.

In reality, OSS just model the assets of CSPs as nodes, arcs and services, with all sorts of associated attributes.

In a telco network:
node = network device (eg router/switch),
arc = communications cable, microwave link, and
services = network paths or customer traffic carried across the network

In an electricity network:
node = electrical device (eg sub-station, transformer),
arc = power cable, and
services = electricity flow

In a water network:
node = desalination plant, valve
arc = water pipes
services = water flow

In a rail network:
node = station
arc = track
services = trains

In a social network:
node = a user account
arc = connections to other users
services = sharing of information

With a standardised boiler-plate and a fully customisable set of attributes against each node, arc and service, then an OSS toolset could accommodate many industry models.

Having said that, these cross-over industries still tend to need OSS in their more traditional use, that of a manager of electronic communication networks, which we’ll cover in more detail tomorrow

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