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Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever.
Daniel Goleman

Communication Service Providers are often not so great at communicating, especially internally.

Notwithstanding the human behavioural impediments to “perfect communication” like politics, cliques, etc the communication issue is often just a case of there being too many people in the organisation to keep them informed of everything that’s happening.

The social engine in large organisations is simply not interconnected enough. I’m wondering what role can OSS play in how the organisation communicates every day. Can an OSS help to connect the silos of sales, marketing, PMO, etc?

I recently read about technology that trawls through reams of documents and establish learning relevance linkages (sorry I forgot to record the reference).

Even communication within OSS implementation teams can be highly imperfect. In large best-of-breed suites, I’ve seen solution architects have visibility within their product set but nobody has end-to-end or big-picture understandings of the whole solution.

I don’t have the silver bullet to this problem but I am watching the social engine industry for breakthroughs the OSS industry can use.

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