OSS to enhance your superpower

It might be the ultimate entrepreneurialc superpower – the ability to shift perspective and understand the viewpoint of another person… whether it’s a client, prospect, or team member.
If you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes, it’s the shortest path to influence, collaboration, communication, and connection
Jeff Walker

Can OSS (or at least their data) help you to develop this entrepreneurial superpower? Or for vendors, can it give your customers this superpower? Can our OSS be designed to give you the ability to shift perspective and understand the viewpoint of another person? Or a whole bunch of people from their individual perspectives, not just as a cohort?

If value is in the data, do OSS vendors help give their customers the same level of customer behavioural insight that Facebook and Google have on theirs? But more importantly, even if service providers have that level of customer understanding, do we provide OSS functionality that allows the service providers to do something useful with it? Having the understanding and empathy to truly help end customers. That’s the superpower that Jeff is talking about.

I’m currently working on some cool stuff in the offers / products / services space, with the primary objective of rapid reduction in the time it takes to get them to market. I hate to say it but it’s almost a case of bypassing much of the legacy OSS / BSS in order to speed things up. The objective is to shrink the product to market time down from months to almost instantaneous, then even to automate the process. This is the stepping stone to the dynamic offers that may just unlock the ultimate OSS superpower.

The kryptonite to this superpower is the complexity of not just automating service designs, but ensuring seamless operationalisation that doesn’t allow anything to slip through the cracks by way of fulfilment OR assurance.

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