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A huge chunk of the brain power we have sitting on our shoulders is devoted to processing visual images. It’s how we communicate. It’s how we share information. It defines who we are… All the great theories of the world are not equations, [rather] they are based on simple principles which can be manifested as pictures, as video images.”
Dr Michio Kaku.

As this blog regularly points out, OSS can be highly complex beasts and its exponents love to wax lyrical in a way that often confuses rather than enlightens.

During the various OSS stints working with overseas carriers where English is a second language I realised the power of the whiteboard. Whiteboard images and analogies were an essential tool in the communication arsenal.

I’ve also found that the best technology communicators in the ICT industry have also been keen advocates of the whiteboard so I encourage others to describe their situation in pictures.


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