SKY Television expands with NetCracker

SKY Television Expands Relationship with NetCracker to Optimize Billing and Customer Experience.

NetCracker Technology announced that SKY Television, the leading satellite pay-TV provider in New Zealand, entered into an agreement to expand the NetCracker Billing and Revenue Management solution and form a 7-year strategic partnership for professional services with NetCracker. This will enable SKY to bring more innovative offers to market and establish a more customer-centric approach to billing.

NetCracker is upgrading its cutting-edge Billing and Revenue Management solution with enhanced functionality as part of the project with SKY. This will enable SKY to improve its billing and customer care functionality and leverage a more sophisticated self-service portal, which will enhance visibility into customer operations and augment experience.

“Our strategic partnership with NetCracker, as well as its comprehensive Billing and Revenue Management solution capabilities, encouraged us to extend our relationship with NetCracker,” said Quinton McKenzie, Head of Billing and Subscriber Services at SKY. “We look forward to enhancing our customer-centric operations through the use of NetCracker’s product and service offerings.”

The use of the upgraded NetCracker Billing and Revenue Management solution will enable SKY to establish a more holistic and end-to-end view of its customers.

As part of the expansion, NetCracker will deliver a wide range of professional services to SKY, including program and project management, development, testing, training, consulting and support services.

“As the way consumers watch TV and access content changes, service providers will benefit from having sophisticated billing capabilities that improve customer experience and maximize retention rates,” said Loh John Wu, Vice President Asia Pacific at NetCracker. “We are excited to help SKY optimize its billing operations, which will enable it to improve customer experience through enhanced visibility and personalization.”

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