Redknee and Elster to offer prepay energy solution

Redknee and Elster to Offer End-to-End Prepay Energy Solution.

Redknee Solutions Inc. announced its partnership with Elster, a market leader in Smart Grid and Energy Management Solutions. This strategic agreement is to deliver an end-to-end prepayment solution for the utilities sector that combines the Redknee Connected Suite for smart utility billing and Elster’s smart grid software solutions. The joint offering will be available across the Asian, European and South American markets and will provide an advanced and differentiated option for energy providers to increase revenues, improve profitability and enhance the customer experience.

Elster’s smart grid software solutions provide utilities with a unified and simple approach for securely collecting, processing, storing and managing smart grid data. The software eliminates challenges that arise for utilities operating separate data collection and management systems, and its built-in workflow automation and guided decision-making are designed to enhance operator productivity and reduce the cost and complexity of utility operations. Elster covers the entire energy value chain from smart meter platforms to meter data management solutions giving utilities confidence that all the elements of Elster’s solutions are interoperable.

The Redknee Connected Suite rates and bills data from smart meters and Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) in real-time. It enables energy providers and utilities to seamlessly manage pre-paid energy accounts by remotely connecting and disconnecting smart meters, managing load reduction and balancing control. Energy providers can enhance the client experience by allowing customers to make payments to their pre-paid energy accounts, receive notifications and access energy consumption information, in real-time, using their smartphones or other mobile devices.

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