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A great friend of mine, Evan, and I recently caught up with Mike Lawrey, the Chairman of the TM Forum. Mike spoke to us about some interesting initiatives the TM Forum has in the pipeline, including some that build upon the success of their Smart City Forum.

You may have noticed that I regularly discuss the future of OSS spreading from operations into digital ecosystems. I envisage that these ecosystems will be established by carriers (or OTT players) to provide the framework for third-party developers to build their own apps to sell to the carriers’s subscribers.

Smart cities and Tele-health are just two of the prime sectors for OSS to not just deliver network operations for, but to jump much higher up the value-chain.

This report indicates that Smart Cities will be worth $400 Billion by 2020 and this report indicates telehealth will be worth $34 Billion by 2020.

lt’s not surprising to me that the TM Forum sees these as massive growth areas to build on top of their existing assets and skill-sets.

How about you and your OSS?

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