Spark New Zealand selects Xstream

Spark New Zealand selects Xstream’s Cloud-based OTT/TV Platform.

Spark New Zealand (formerly Telecom NZ) has selected Xstream MediaMaker™, a cloud-based OTT/TV video management platform for its new OTT video service, Lightbox. Lightbox is a cross platform New Zealand-made subscription video on demand service (SVOD) that can be used across multiple devices, including laptop, desktop, iPad and Airplay on Apple TV.

Xstream MediaMaker’s in built device management allows Lightbox to set up rules on the devices registered to each Lightbox account as well as control concurrent streams, a service that enables Lightbox customers to use one account to watch different content on different devices.

According to Xstream, the Xstream MediaMaker™ powered OTT solution comes with core features which includes advanced voucher integration and functionality, advanced parental control where the entire frontend has a dimension that’s controlled by parental guidelines enabling parents to filter out content playback according to rating. Xstream powers the Lightbox service with a host of solutions from its other partners including IPPayments, Mandril for e-mails, Amazon for hosting, Akamai for CDN, Gracenote and Technicolor and Accedo for frontend apps.

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