Telefonica selects Amdocs for an Operational Data Store

Telefónica Selects Amdocs for an Operational Data Store Solution in Chile and Peru to Consolidate Data Access and Speed Decision-Making.

Amdocs announced that Telefónica, one of the world’s leading service providers with 341 million customers across Latin America and Europe, has selected Amdocs data management services for an operational data store solution at its operations in Chile and Peru. Amdocs’ data management services is one component of Amdocs’ enhanced big data analytics portfolio announced today that enables service providers to collect, store and gain actionable business insights from their volumes of data.

For Telefónica Chile and Telefónica Peru, Amdocs will implement an operational data store that aggregates data from multiple operational sources including charging, collections, ordering, customer management and enterprise product catalog. Using the communications-specific Amdocs Logical Data Model (aLDM) to map and correlate data into a 360-degree view of the customer, the data store gives Telefónica the ability to produce on-demand a range of analytic dashboards and prepackaged reports to drive faster and more informed decision-making. The data store addresses the costly and complex challenge of mapping thousands of data tables in Telefónica’s operational systems and creates a single data gateway for its enterprise data warehouse.

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