The more you know

The more you know, the further you go.”
50 cent
on the Pranksta Rap episode of The Simpsons.

A family member was watching The Simpsons recently and the aforementioned quote came up. Simple and profound. Not sure if it’s attributable to 50 cent or a screenwriter for the show though.

As we know, an organisation’s B/OSS can touch almost all of their business units. Yet how many of your supplier’s out-of-the-box reports provide information to internal jurisdictions other than network/technology business units?

If you can unlock the key to the heart of every business unit, you’ll have far more change management good-will built up. But how do you achieve that? For a start, you can find stakeholders within each group and ask what’s important to them. Understand their “Why?” and you’ll know more about what’s inherently valuable to the different parts of the organisation.

Then figure out a way to translate their “why?” into information (eg B/OSS reports) that help each internal business unit to track their key metrics.

The B/OSS of tomorrow doesn’t just support the CTO’s internal operations, but supports the entire organisation’s initiatives.

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