The sexiest job of the 21st Century

In our 2012 study of data analysts, we characterized the process of data science as five high-level tasks: discovery, wrangling, profiling, modeling, and reporting. Most analytic and visualization tools focus on the last two phases of this workflow. Unfortunately, most of a data scientist’s time is spent on the first three stages.”
Sean Kandel
on HBR’s blog in response to another HBR Blog about Data Scientists having the sexiest job of the 21st Century.

In my opinion, every OSS implementation should be accompanied by data scientists before and after handover. You need tripods that are able to provide links between objects and then derive insights or valuable connections from the enormous stores of data that your OSS collects.

As suggested in the quote above, you also need assistants to help with the discovery, wrangling and profiling stages to get the data to a point that the high-value modelling and reporting phases can commence.

How many data scientists do you have on your OSS team?

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