The two lungs of next-gen OSS

Here we have a baby. It is composed of a bald head and a pair of lungs.”
Eugene Field

Many of you by now have seen the freight-train of network virtualisation (cloud, SDN, NFV) rapidly approaching the Telco space.

Many in the communications technology world are salivating at the opportunity to leverage cloud-style concepts such as orchestration, abstraction, automation, rapid turn-up / tear-down, etc to revolutionise OSS, me included!

The part that is going to be highly challenging for us all is that if / when this revolution does play out in large scale production deployments, it won’t replace the fact that we’ll still have legacy networks and management tools to consider for years to come. They will have to operate in concert with the new technologies, as two lungs of the respiratory system that is a CSP’s network.

CSPs simply have too much capital invested in existing technologies to just strip them out, not to mention having not enough capital to undertake wholesale replacement with the newer cloud-style technologies.

So get used to it. OSS is here to stay (for a while at least) until we can find ways of integrating, migrating and process re-engineering a pathway to the future. Can’t wait to come along for the journey!

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