Tier 1 APAC CSP selects Redknee

Tier 1 APAC CSP Selects Redknee for Multi-Million Dollar Upgrade as Demand for 4G Services Grows.

Redknee Solutions Inc. announced that it has won a multi-million dollar Redknee Unified upgrade with a Tier 1 communication service provider (CSP) in Japan. The operator is experiencing increasing demand for 4G services while its subscriber base expands rapidly. The solution will upgrade Redknee’s integrated policy and charging solution to support more than 30 million subscribers. It will also add support for new capabilities such as Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE). The win demonstrates Redknee’s ability to scale its solutions to meet the needs of a growing Tier 1 CSP while supporting 4G service offerings that require an agile and innovative approach to achieve customer satisfaction and success.

Consumers are increasingly using data rich services such as HD voice and multimedia services, and this is prompting CSP’s to invest in new technologies that support increasing volumes of data and traffic. VoLTE is quickly being adopted because it can deliver faster onboarding, shorter call setup times, and improved spectral efficiency. An article in Vanilla Plus suggests there are more than 78 VoLTE deployments globally, and it continues to be rolled out in increasing numbers. With more complex service offerings becoming mainstream, CSP’s need monetization solutions capable of monetizing next generation services. Operators are also able to improve the overall customer experience by using one single monetization platform, such as Redknee Unified, to support the entire business resulting in simpler processes and fast launch of real-time personalized notifications and offers.

Danielle Royston, Redknee’s CEO commented:
“Redknee understands the importance of customer success. Redknee’s agile and scalable solutions support new technologies and service offerings, such as VoLTE, which allow our customers to improve quality of service, drive innovation, and deliver successfully to all of their subscribers.”

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