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I’m currently reading the book, “Creativity, Inc” by Ed Catmull, the CEO of Pixar, the company famous for creating animated films like Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc, etc. Perhaps you’ve heard of them?

For me, animated movies are a fascinating blend of technology and art. For almost every customer of Pixar’s work, the technology is irrelevant, a means to an end – where the end is “to be enveloped in the emotion and the storytelling and not think about the effects.”

There is something in this for us too. When we’re implementing an OSS project, we’re surrounded by technology and technologists, even our customer peers tend to be tech-centric.

But the reality is that for most of the real customers, the ones that use our solutions every day, our OSS are simply a means-to-an-end, a tool to help them do their daily activities.

There is an equivalent need for those users to be enveloped in the emotion of the tools rather than the tech / effects.

Do our tools evoke positive emotions? Do they make use of stories or quests? Rarely? This is where I believe we have a lot to learn from gamification experts in our product designs.

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