Understand the reasons to say no

It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer

As a vendor, it’s your objective to make the product easier to buy.

There are usually many reviewers within a CSP. Understand the reasons why each one of them could say no. Remove the standard reasons that a company can delay. Fear of choosing the wrong product. Large capital outlay that locks into long-term commitment, Lack of understanding of the product. Difficult to understand pricing. Go the extra mile on the support and sand-pit demonstrations because the others won’t.

Reasons for saying no include:
a. Awareness & Accessibility
b. Perception & Image
c. Purchasing convenience (how easy is it to buy from you)
d. Loss aversion
e. It won’t work
f. It can wait
g. It’s too difficult

All these different variants of fear are the road-blocks. What are your bridges?

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