Walk-throughs at the speed of sound

All the scientist creates in a fact is the language in which he enunciates it. If he predicts a fact, he will employ this language, and for all those who can speak and understand it, his prediction is free from ambiguity..”
Henri Poincaré

As an OSS consultant, I succeed or fail partly on my ability to create strategies, concepts and plans, but more importantly on my ability to communicate those strategies, concepts and plans. You probably do too.

Here’s a thing about communications that I’ve learnt working with some very, very clever OSS experts in recent times – when walking others through your strategies, concepts and plans, slow down your spoken words significantly. This is even more important in areas where your language is a second language for your customers and / or peers.

The problem for the audience is that they must have time to process what you’re talking about before moving on to the next point. For example, the aforementioned OSS experts might be walking through a four sentence paragraph and are rattling them off so quickly that I’m still processing the first of the four sentences. This means that any messaging in the subsequent three sentences have been lost on me.

Slow down your clock speed, because the chances are that your audience will be as slow-witted as me and are more comfortable with some time to think, to ponder your message… Unless of course you’re insecure about your message or want to bamboozle your audience… in which case, you should speed right up!!

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