What does your CMO know about OSS?

We were trying to empower the networking people and the CIO in an organisation to add some value to bring to marketing, but we found that getting the digital marketing team or the CMO involved early on makes the sales cycle move a lot faster. And we found that, for a lot of our customers, CMO has more budget dollars for IT than the CIO: for digital advertising, email blasts etc.”
David King
in this article by Stuart Corner.

I have a few questions for the many OSS experts reading this post:

  • What does your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) know about OSS? Or the rest of your marketing team for that matter?
  • Are you in regular contact with them? Have you even met them?
  • Are they a regular contributor to your requirement capture for new projects?
  • Do they ever consume any information prepared by your OSS team?

The quote above by David King reflects a subtle shift I’ve been noticing in recent years. The network operations teams that may have once been given healthy budgets to work with, which they previously could spread around on OSS projects and resources, are cost centres that now receive diminishing budgets for CAPEX (projects) and OPEX (operations).

CMOs seem to be receiving a healthier share of CSPs’s overall budget as organisations seek new revenue streams.

The “glass-half-empty” OSS expert is saddened by their diminishing budget.

The “glass-half-full” OSS expert is busy making connections with the marketing department, discovering valuable insights for the marketers from the reams of data contained in their OSS and building business cases to meet the marketers’s needs, preferably with the assistance of the CMO’s budget. Your data explorers become even more important than the app developers in this context.

And the vendor’s OSS sales team may just find that they’re better off satisfying the needs of the customer’s CMO than the CIO because they have budget and the compelling need for insights (assuming your OSS database is easily mined for insights!).

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