What else is going missing?

Yesterday we discussed how all the abstraction and interpolation done in the layers of your OSS stack can allow many things to slip through the cracks. Dougie Stevenson suggested that this is one of the reasons why Engineers prefer to work from a command line.

Evan Linwood suggested that we could apply the principle to the Enterprise network / application stack, “This thought process is relevant for Enterprise ICT also! Imagine replacing ‘EMS’ elements with Nagios, ServiceNow, OpenStack (mgmt/API components), OpenView etc. What should the ‘B/OSS’ (or whatever you want to call it 🙂 be responsible for in this context?”

What is the single controlling application in the Enterprise stack? If there isn’t one, what reconciles all the inputs with the interactions happening through these various systems? There isn’t a single exceptions bucket to interrogate or common location for gathering raw inputs, so what is coordinating / reconciling?

It seems that the enterprise stack is potentially filled with enterprise cracks…. more so than an OSS stack, with no single conductor to direct this orchestra.


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