What is the right attitude?

We can change skill levels through training, but we can’t change attitude.”
Herb Kelleher.

Dan Schwabel on Forbes.com asks “Are technical and soft skills less important than attitude?

When it comes to OSS, technical skills are important because there are so many technology elements involved. Technical geniuses are essential for delivering remarkable products and solutions. However, OSS technologies are constantly evolving and each new project is different from the previous in so many ways.

If the technical genius doesn’t also have the ability to learn, collaborate, innovate, mentor and evolve then they will be quickly left behind. As such, the right attitude is a non-negotiable for any OSS hire.

In the crucible of international projects, it has been clear to me that team-mates with the right attitude have been more productive than the ones with stand-out technical skills alone.

What attitude is the right attitude? To answer that question requires another question – what attitudes make your organisation unique?

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