When phones swallowed physical objects

…after a decade in which phones swallowed physical objects, with cameras, radios, music players and so on turned into apps, AR might turn those apps back into physical objects – virtual ones, of course. On one hand cameras digitise everything, and on the other AR puts things back into the world.”
Ben Evans

Similarly, for years OSS have been like a black hole – sucking in data from every physical (and logical) source they can get their hands on. Now AR (Augmented Reality) provides the mechanism for OSS to put things back into the world – as visual overlays, not just reports.

It starts with visualising underground or in-wall assets like cables, but the use cases are extraordinary in their possibilities. The days of printed design packs being handed to field techs are surely numbered. They’re already being replaced with apps but interactive visual aids will take it to a new level of sophistication.

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