019 – Modern OSS/BSS Transformation Techniques that start with the Customer Journey with Martin Pittard

Digital transformation is a term that’s entered the modern vernacular, but here in the world of OSS/BSS it’s just what we’ve been doing for decades. Whether aimed at delivering digital services, collecting data from all points of an organisation’s compass, increasing the internal efficiencies of operational teams or improving user experiences externally, this is just what our OSS/BSS tools and projects do.

Our guest on today’s episode, Martin Pittard, has been leading digital transformations since long before the digital transformation term existed. As Principal IT Architect at Vocus (www.vocus.com.au). Martin is in the midst of leading his most recent digital transformation (ie OSS/BSS transformation project). On this latest transformation, Martin is using a number of new techniques plus well-held architectural principles including the use of dynamic / Open APIs (a TM Forum initiative), being catalog-driven, standards-based, model-based and having an intense focus on separation of concerns. Of perhaps even greater focus is the drive to improve customer journeys as well as ensuring solution flexibility to support customer interactions across future business and service models.

It was a recent talk at a TM Forum event in Sydney that reinforced our interest in having Martin on as a guest. During this presentation, Martin shared some fantastic ideas on how Vocus is tackling the specific challenges and techniques of its OSS/BSS transformation. So good was it that we turned it into an article on our blog. A video of Martin’s in-depth presentation plus a summary of key points can be found here: https://passionateaboutoss.com/how-to-transform-your-oss-bss-with-open-apis

In addition to the Vocus transformation, Martin also shares stories and insights from past transformations at organisations like Rockwell (building combat systems for submarines), Fujitsu, the structural separation of British Telecom to form Openreach, Alcatel-Lucent (transforming the Telstra network and OSS/BSS) and then nbn. On the latter, Martin spent 8+ years leading the build of mission-critical systems across industry integrations (ie customer-facing systems) and network assurance for nbn. During that time, Martin led a large team through the transition to Agile delivery and recounts some of the challenges, benefits and insights from embarking on that journey.

For any further questions you may have, Martin can be found at: www.linkedin.com/in/martinpittard

Disclaimer. All the views and opinions shared in this podcast, and others in the series, are solely those of our guest and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of the organisations discussed.


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