Headlights on your OctopOSS

There’s no other breakthrough in management that I know of that has as much bang for the buck as information technology.
Bask Iyer, CIO of Juniper
on CIO.com

The link above is an interesting article describing how IT is seen to be a mechanism for driving efficiency, but not often as a means of driving growth.

The same would ring true for almost all CSPs and their OSS.
The chicken and the egg rings true – is this because the CSPs only think of the OSS as an efficiency improvement tool or because vendors only focus on delivering efficiency improvements to their customers.

However the report also highlights that the highest performing companies are also much more likely to indicate that IT plays a key role in financial performance and growth.

So where should this new cycle start?
Should OSS vendors build tools that are more focused on growth than just operational efficiencies or should the CSPs look to their OctopOSS to drive more innovation and growth?

Should the CSP’s other business units provide more strategic input to the OctopOSS by saying “I need the OSS to do this to meet these objectives,” rather than having the OSS being driven only by the needs of the network operations unit/s?

Can it be used more as the headlights rather than the windscreen wipers?

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