7 creativity killers

Research into the decline of creativity has led to some startling conclusions. In a sample of 1500 children aged 3–5, 98 percent ranked as “geniuses” in divergent thinking; in children aged 8–10 the figure fell to just 32 percent; and by age 13–15 it had declined further to a mere 10 percent. In other words, children become less creative as they grow older. Moreover, in a control test of 2000 adults (aged 25+), only 2 percent ranked as geniuses.”
Andrew and Gaia Grant
on their post about the 7 biggest creativity killers.

OSS projects produce an eco-system of challenges where creativity is essential. New thinking is definitely required in our industry to take it many quantum leaps beyond current capabilities. However, creativity also has to co-exist with leadership and tracking of all the activities that make up your OctopOSS. The diversity of an OSS offers an environment where there is potential for open-ended exploration, often to the detriment of achievements / deliverables so a careful balance is required.

Conversely, the focus on OSS delivery often kills off creativity, as described by the Grants in the link above. As a leader of an OSS team, the Grant’s 7 creativity killers must be recognised and limited.

Clearly a balanced mix of personality types are needed on any OSS project. Perhaps you can even use the Myers-Briggs approach preached by Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss here.

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