A couple of exciting announcements

We have a couple of exciting announcements to make today.

The Transformation Project Framework (TPF) guidebook (GB1011) we’ve been working on with TM Forum has been launched with a pre-production status. That means it has passed peer review and is open for member comments. It’s still a work in progress, but you’ll see the basis for how it can help guide your next transformation.

On a related note, I was delighted to accept the TM Forum Outstanding Contributor award last night as recognition for the effort that the Transformation User Guide (TUG) group has done on TPF and a number of exemplar transformation guides. I’m excited to see what continues to come out of this group in the coming year/s.

Big thanks to Tony Kalcina, Dave Milham, Juan Salcedo and the rest of the Transformation User Guide team for their assistance!

Congratulations to the award winners shown in the graphic above. You can find out more details about their fantastic achievements here.

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