A new alarm storm concept

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hofmann

OSS vendors have already developed alarm “prioritisation” tools such as de-duplication, escalation, suppression, correlation, etc to help reduce noise. Root-cause Analysis is only as good as the gurus who can identify the patterns of events and then build the associated correlation algorithms.

I have a whole different product in mind to simplify the identification of key patterns of events at the root of each alarm storm.

The I/O devices for this model could be touch-screens for speed to tag, gesture-based computing for include/discard and match as well as voice recording for speed of knowledge-base capture and recall.

This description is suitably vague. 🙂

Is there actually a need for such a product?
What would such a product need to deliver?
How do you or your team decipher alarm storms and what functionality would assist you that isn’t currently available?
I’d love to hear from all the network fault-fixers out there.

Would you like more info on this novel concept for fault diagnosis and remediation?

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