Amdocs Cloud-Fusion delivers with Microsoft Azure

Amdocs Launches Amdocs Cloud-Fusion, Enabling Service Providers to Deliver Cloud Services for Business Customers Utilizing Microsoft Azure.

Amdocs announced a new solution called Amdocs Cloud-Fusion in collaboration with Microsoft. The solution enables service providers to provide connectivity and more secure cloud applications for enterprise and small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It enables enhanced cloud service offerings such as premium bandwidth, wide area network (WAN) optimization, and committed service level agreements (SLAs).

The solution is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Amdocs and Microsoft to help service providers diversify their business through new cloud offerings optimized for enterprise customers that ensure service agility and an improved customer experience.

Designed to meet the critical application and high performance needs of enterprises and SMBs, Amdocs Cloud-Fusion combines Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure with Amdocs Network Cloud Service Orchestrator, which continuously designs, fulfills and assures network services from any virtual network function (VNF) vendor. This facilitates access to Azure’s value-added business services and third-party Microsoft Azure Marketplace solutions through more secure managed communications networks.

The vendor-agnostic Amdocs Cloud-Fusion provides unified management, monitoring, orchestration and assurance, enabling service providers to automate fulfillment and operations of cloud-based services to fulfill orders in minutes instead of weeks. This ensures improved customer experience as well as extending the service provider’s capabilities beyond its private cloud to public clouds.

“Today 17 percent of all businesses each have more than 1,000 virtual machines supporting a range of business-critical applications that reside in the public cloud1, up from 13 percent in 2015. With Amdocs Cloud-Fusion, businesses can now access these services in a more secure and assured manner with enhanced network options that also improve quality of experience,” said Ann Hatchell, head of network marketing at Amdocs. “Service providers can offer a one-stop shop for differentiated hybrid cloud services with service guarantees for enterprise customers, and streamline end-to-end service management across telco and public cloud environments, thereby improving service agility and reducing complexity.”

“Together with Amdocs, we are enabling service providers to introduce attractive new cloud-related offerings through the Cloud-Fusion self-service portal, and seize revenue that typically would go directly to over-the-top players. This elevates the service provider’s position within the value chain and opens the door for them to become a cloud broker,” said Bob De Haven, general manager, Worldwide Communications & Media at Microsoft. “Service providers will be able to capture new revenue streams from their business segment customer base by adding cloud services and providing access to Microsoft Azure’s value-added business services and Azure Marketplace’s solutions through secure service provider networks.”

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