Apttus and Comptel collaborate

Apttus and Comptel Collaborate to Deliver B2C Customer Journey Solution Built on the Salesforce Communications Industry Framework.

Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider, and Comptel Corporation, today announced the launch of a new end-to-end offering for the consumer communications segment. As CSPs (Communications Service Providers) evolve to meet the demands of modern business, they’ve turned to leading cloud solutions to complete their customer-centric transformations. This joint solution, developed by Comptel and Apttus, was built on the recently announced Salesforce Communication Industry Framework. It empowers CSPs to enable personalized customer journeys and provides an analytics-driven, contextually-aware, self-service experience to their customers.

The Salesforce Communications Industry Framework helps CSPs accelerate their transitions to the cloud and improve customer engagement across channels. The framework includes assets such as data model specifications; a white paper with entity- relationship diagrams and usage patterns; API and process documentation; and much more. Built in accordance with TM Forum Frameworx, the framework empowers communications companies to implement the world’s #1 CRM solution to address key business processes, such as managing accounts, ordering services or handling billing inquiries, faster than ever before.

At Dreamforce 2016, attendees will have full access to the “Enabling the Personalized Customer Journey” demonstration in which Apttus’ CPQ, CLM and E-Commerce, along with Comptel’s FlowOne, Monetizer, Fastermind and Data Refinery products, interoperate via the Salesforce Communications Industry Framework. The transformative solution, targeted at the consumer market will provide:
•Self-service configuration and order provisioning
•Real-time network usage tracking and smart service upgrade recommendations
•Product interoperability to streamline the entire Plan-to-Provision flow
•Transparent catalog-to-order flow, orchestration and fulfillment
•Service usage monitoring and analysis

“The telecommunications industry understands the pressing need to provide customer-centric, cloud-based utility and intuitive self-service to all of its consumers,” said Andy Baer, Andy Baer, SVP, Salesforce Industries, Communications and Media. “Our Communications Industry Framework gives our partners, such as Comptel and Apttus, an opportunity to deliver best-in-breed solutions and successful business outcomes to help our customers succeed and thrive.”

“Generation-cloud consumers want to be treated as individuals by using a service that meets their expectations and aligns to the way they live their lives” said Juhani Hintikka, CEO, Comptel. “Service providers have to identify product opportunities, design and commercially publish new service offerings faster than ever. Only then will they be able to seize the increasing new opportunities for data, content, applications and service monetization. The Salesforce Communication Industry Framework has helped to enable that opportunity.”

“Success in the Telecommunications field requires a more dynamic, cloud-based approach than ever before, and this joint solution, powered by Salesforce’s Communications Industry Framework Solutions, represents another huge step in that evolution,” said Gopkiran Rao, Vice President of Vertical Markets at Apttus. “The Apttus team brings over a decade of experience transforming CSPs into agile, efficient industry leaders, and we’re proud to continue that tradition by partnering with Comptel and Salesforce on this new offering.”

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