GWI adopts VETRO FiberMap

GWI Adopts VETRO FiberMap™ SaaS Platform for Broadband Network Mapping & Fiber Management.

VETRO FiberMap™ announced that GWI, a rapidly growing internet service provider (ISP), has adopted VETRO FiberMap™ as a core business platform. Through the power of APIs and a user-friendly open architecture that is unique in the industry, VETRO FiberMap™ provides GWI with a secure, flexible, cloud-based platform. This solution helps GWI plan, design, cost, build, market, and manage their network with mapping, real-time inventory, and workflow applications for all departments, anytime, anywhere, through any web browser. Designed specifically to meet the needs of ISPs, community broadband and dark fiber network operators, the platform supports GWI operations from strategy to splicesm with an affordable, accessible, and easy to use package.

“VETRO FiberMap™ delivers the SaaS platform solution we have been searching for to support our growing network infrastructure. It gives us the tools we need to focus on ROI and efficiency and maintain full awareness of our network assets at all times with accurate and easily accessible data. Having such easy access and ease of use also facilitates communication and cooperation across the entire enterprise, which is a key part of our culture at GWI,” says Fletcher Kittredge, GWI’s Founder and CEO. “An overarching benefit is that the solution is built on Open APIs with cloud implementation, so we can build and scale any workflow or departmental solution that we need as we grow,” adds David Allen, GWI’s Vice President of Technology.

Using the power of open API architecture, the platform has been tailored to provide a glove-fit solution for GWI’s network design, planning, inventory, and demand generation functions. “The easy digitizing and network layout tools support flexible network engineering designs. This means that ISPs like GWI can move quickly from design to construction, generate BOMs, manage reporting, execute fiber field surveys, access splice diagrams and share designs in GIS-ready formats,” observes VETRO FiberMap™ co-founder Sean Myers.

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