Aria Networks joins ETSI Network AI Initiative

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and networking pioneer Aria Networks has joined the ETSI group formed to lead the industry in mapping the future of AI and Networking.

The ETSI Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI) Industry Specification Group (ISG) was set up in February 2017, to define a new architecture for network management leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve automation.

ETSI ENI already has the backing of telecom operators including Telecom Italia and Vodafone, as well as vendors such as Huawei, ZTE, Samsung and Xilinx. Aria is the first independent software vendor to join the group. (The full list of members is at

Aria’s Head of Research, Dr Archie Wade, commented: “Network automation has risen to the top of the agenda for network operators in the last few years. But many operators are still taking quite a narrow view of what that means, and the role for AI. Through our participation in the ETSI ENI group, we hope to provide an industry blueprint for business-driven network automation, delivering real transformation.”

ETSI ENI Chair, Ray Forbes, added: “We welcome Aria’s involvement in our group. The practical application of AI techniques to networking challenges is a rare but vital skill set for this initiative.”

Aria Networks is a pioneer in the field of AI and Networking. Its software platform uses AI and Machine Learning to create optimal designs for complex networks, in response to any set of criteria (such as lowest latency, lowest power consumption) or conditions (such as scheduled or unplanned outages).

According to Aria, the use of Artificial intelligence technology is essential for automating new software-controlled, dynamic networks including 5G. By using AI to automate network design and optimisation processes, operators can achieve “closed loop” operations at a business level, delivering greater agility and scalability.
Aria has previously featured in high-profile industry collaborations such as Vodafone’s 2016 Mobile World Congress “VPN+” demonstration, and several TeleManagement Forum “Catalyst” collaborations on 5G slicing and closed loop automation.

Aria’s technology has been used by Tier 1 network operators including BT and Level3 as well as web-scale giants such as Facebook. Privately-held, the company is based in the UK.

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