Automation at the 5G Network Edge

Thought I’d share some information about a 5G Edge Automation project I’ve been assisting with in recent months – in collaboration with luminaries such as EnterpriseWeb (project lead), KX, Intel, Keysight, Tech Mahindra, Red Hat and Fortinet.

KX has just shared a blog article, which includes the following quote that helps to summarise why I’m really excited to be helping the team (in a small way).

With KX performing the role of monitoring and anomaly detection, combined with EnterpriseWeb performing catalogue-driven control mechanisms back into the network, this testbed environment demonstrates a full closed-loop autonomous network. Whilst other forms of SON tend to be vendor-specific or domain-specific, this testbed is neither. Not only does it monitor the 5G core and RAN (Radio Access Network), it also offers the ability to monitor cloud infrastructure, customer service, SD-WAN, CDN (Content Delivery Networks), network slice performance and more. This testbed is leveraging a 5G network architecture, but the control loop demonstrated in these scenarios could be used across any form of programmable network, fixed or wireless.

Due to the tiny footprints of KX [green box below] and EnterpriseWeb [yellow boxes], this setup can be implemented at the edge of the network in a distributed architecture model. It also has the possibility of acting as an aggregator to provide centralised processing and training of AI/ML models.

It’s a really impressive test-bed and I’m even more excited about the additional, even more sophisticated scenarios we’re working on adding into the future.

If you’d like to see the stage 2 scenarios, in principle and in action, you can watch the video below:

Some of the impressive benchmark result data recorded from Stage 2 is as tabulated below:

If you’d like to hear more about this project, or would like to suggest additional scenarios for us to add in future, please leave us a note in the comment section below.

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