Have you figured out what questions to ask your big OSS/BSS data?

TM Forum holds an absolute treasure-trove of information about the OSS industry, contributed by many leading thinkers. With over 2,500 articles, some are widely known / discussed and others are hidden gems, it holds an amazing repository of knowledge about our industry.

Today I landed on an article called, “GB979A Big Data Analytics Use Cases.” For someone as fascinated by OSS/BSS data as me, it certainly piqued my interest. It doesn’t seem to have been updated recently (R16.5.1 was released in 2017). The world of big telco data has certainly changed since then.

But the document still provides a fascinating way to categorise the many fundamental questions we ask of our big data on a regular basis. After all, for all the mountains of data we collect, it can only become valuable if we ask the right questions of it.

The TM Forum Big Data Analytics team has broken down their big data use-cases (I’ll call them high-level questions) by eTOM categories. It produces the following mapping (where the ovals represent eTOM categories and the callouts (on the right) are the questions to ask).

If you’re wondering what type of questions you could be asking your OSS / BSS data, GB979A is a really useful starting point. As a member, you can download the rest of the doc via the link above. 

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