Blockchain opportunities in telco

Thought you might like this graphic from AnalysisMason.
Blockchain in telco

The opportunities in OSS / BSS have their own list of corresponding opportunities. You can find a few thoughts here.

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2 Responses

  1. Ryan please find in the following link info from Keymile an a Telco equipment vendor that wants to share dslam resources through a blockchain. See

    I am curious whether other companies have similar ideas. I could think of trading Wi-Fi Internet access through crypto currency like bitcoin. Residential users could share their Internet bandwidth and hence become micro service provider ?

  2. Hi Nico,
    Thanks for the link! Looks intriguing.
    I like your idea for WiFi microSP a lot! It’s similar to a concept I had back in the early 90’s (albeit without being able to figure out the billing/sharing mechanism that blockchain now potentially represents).

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