Brazilian Operator selects CSG

Brazilian Operator Selects CSG’s Mediation Solution.

CSG International announced a new contract in Brazil for CSG’s award-winning Intermediate solution. With this latest contract, CSG Intermediate now supports the operations of 4 of the 5 leading mobile providers in Brazil. CSG will provide centralized data management across the company’s business operations.

Known for its high average revenue per user (ARPU) as well as its low rate of client churn, the mobile operator prides itself on delivering a high-quality service experience and simple, accurate billing. It offers some of the most attractive plans in Brazil, including support for the latest smartphones. With the growing expansion of 4G networks and services, the company needed to ensure it had exceptional operational systems and local support to execute its business strategies and realize its business goals.

CSG Intermediate provides the superior performance, network data processing throughput, and robust toolset that will allow the operator to handle the projected increase in network transaction volumes and reach its growth and service expectations. The solution’s inherent flexibility offers the control and intelligence needed to make changes quickly to maximize service and network revenue and ensure high levels of service quality.

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