Call for Innovation by Swisscom, Telia and Proximus

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are about to transform and disrupt the network operator industry.

That’s why Swisscom, Telia Company and Proximus, three leading telco providers from across Europe, are jointly issuing this unique Call for Innovation and invite startups and innovators developing “Next Generation Virtual Telco Functions & Services (SDN / NFV 2.0)” to apply until 23 October 2016.

The best startups will be able to pitch their solution in front of an expert jury and have the chance to be selected for a PoC project and future collaboration with all three telcos..
What we are looking for

The topics considered for this call are related to SDN/NFV development within the telecommunication industry. The baseline infrastructure for SDN/NFV is available and is largely based on the de-facto standards and open source-based systems of OpenStack/OPNVF/CloudFoundry. The next steps and next wave of innovations should be using that infrastructure for new networking functions, cloud-native implementation of existing network functions, and new Telco services we could offer in the market.”


Let me start out with an apology. This is old news. The Swisscom / Telia Company / Proximus Call for Innovation closed nearly a year ago. However, I’m bringing it to your attention for what it means to the telco industry. It’s acknowledging that traditional suppliers to telcos are not always servicing the need for innovative approaches to the problems the telcos are facing. It’s targeting the long tail of innovation.

Whilst this is specifically seeking SDN/NFV innovations, what does a Call for Innovation look like for OSS? Keep an eye out here on PAOSS, as I’ll be publishing an OSS Call for Innovation shortly.

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