Comarch enters Brazilian Telecoms

Comarch expands Latin American presence, enters Brazilian telecom market.

Comarch, a provider of complete IT solutions for telecoms, announced that its BSS solutions have been chosen by a U.S.-based communications provider for the launch of services in Brazil. The launch, which builds upon Comarch’s already established presence in Latin America, will offer Brazilian telecoms and consumers cost-efficient services via VoIP technologies.

Fueling the Brazilian service will be a custom solution comprised of Comarch’s Convergent Billing, Customer Management and Self Care modules from Comarch BSS Suite, a comprehensive portfolio of out-of-the-box products and highly configurable functionalities that enable telecommunications companies to connect with their customers and streamline business operations while achieving maximum efficiency. With consumer-centric benefits in focus, Comarch BSS Suite allows for flexibility and enables the implementation of a range of market-specific functions essential to the go-to-market strategy in the region.

The module-built structure of Comarch BSS Suite allows companies to add specific modules and workflows to build a truly unique solution that is tailored to their distinct needs and goals. Despite having multiple modules in place, Comarch BSS Suite features one master database for all types of data and one central dictionary for all involved systems, ensuring consistent data and no redundancy in the configuration.

Comarch’s platform allows for new features to be easily built on top of the existing system, and it facilitates the launching of new services (e.g., chat, video messaging and conferencing) and new media (smartphone apps) as well as additional attractive settlement models. Additionally, the versatility of Comarch’s BSS Suite enables companies to expand the offer in the future, deploy the same platform on other markets and incorporate different models of cooperation with partners.

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