Don’t think! Don’t Hope! Do!

At least DO SOMETHING! DO! Don’t think, don’t hope, do! At least you can come off and say ‘I did this, I shepherded, I played on. At least I did something
John Kennedy.

I find this to be a brilliant analogy for OSS implementation projects too. There’s so much complexity, so many things happening dynamically, so much chaos happening, so much interaction with the team and stakeholders. But there are always things to be done to help move the project towards a successful result. Sometimes those things involve thinking, hoping and talking. More often they involve doing.

There’s certainly scope for thinking, talking and planning on OSS projects. But the only way to really develop the skills and forward progress for the project is by doing. It’s so easy to procrastinate when everything around you is so fluid and confusing. Doing takes you a step closer to the goal. Even if it’s a step in the wrong direction, at least you’re left with no uncertainty about future direction – you’re one failed experiment closer to finishing the project.

Today is one of the most exciting days on the Australian calendar. It’s AFL Grand Final day. The game is Australian Rules Football.

The following clip shows some of the game’s finest motivators.

Australian Rules Football is probably foreign to many people outside Australia. The following clip shows a few of the features of the greatest game in the world.

Go the mighty hawks!

And when you’re stuck on a problem with your OSS, don’t forget to follow John Kennedy’s inspiring words… “Don’t think! Don’t hope! Do!

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