Ericsson acquires Ambient

Ericsson completes acquisition of smart grid communications provider, Ambient.

Ericsson announced it has completed the acquisition of Ambient Corporation, a US-based award-winning provider of smart grid communications technology for utilities. Ambient’s innovative platform enables utilities to deploy and integrate multiple smart grid applications and technologies, in parallel on a single communications infrastructure. The acquisition increases Ericsson’s ability to help utilities maximize their investments in smart grids.

Ambient also provides product and software maintenance and implementation services, as well as a variety of smart grid consulting services related to product development, network management, and smart grid architecture and deployment.

Ambient will be integrated into Ericsson’s Global Services organization, which employs 64,000 services professionals based in 180 countries and speaking more than 100 languages. Around 16,000 of these employees are Consulting and Systems Integration (CSI) professionals who deliver more than 1,500 CSI projects in multivendor and multi-technology environments every year.

As a global communications leader with extensive multivendor systems integration experience, Ericsson is well placed to partner with utilities as they transform their electricity distribution grids into smart grids.

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