Fast (OSS Efficiency Benchmarking)

The public is mad, frustrated, but what the public wants is progress.”
Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg made his whole business model around getting financial data to traders just a few seconds faster. His net worth was in the order of US$25B according to Forbes in September 2012.

Are CSPs willing to pay a premium to get information just a little bit nearer to real-time? Will the performance or alarm data equate to a significant competitive advantage? For some maybe, for others maybe not.

But would all be prepared to pay a premium for all key operational processes to be more efficient?

For OSS vendors, would there be a competitive advantage in getting data to your customers (ie CSPs) faster? I think there could be, but to date I’ve never seen it in a vendor’s pitch to the customer. That’s possibly because there are no independent benchmarks of OSS product efficiency for vendors to compare their products with others.

Not until now at least. We’ve just loaded the checklist of our OSS product efficiency benchmarks here.

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